A Quick Biography Of Businessman John Radford

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Name: John Radford

Birthday: December, 1965.

Age: John Radford is 54 years old.

Born: Mansfield, United Kingdom.

Occupation: Mansfield Town Owner, One Call Insurance.

Spouse: Carolyn Still (m. 2012).

Children: Rupert Radford, Hugo Radford, Albert Radford.

Football Club: Mansfield Town Football Club.

Website:  mansfieldtown.net

Social Profiles:

Twitter : jradfordmtfc


John Lawrence Radford is the full name of English businessman & owner of Mansfield town football club.

Carolyn Still and John Radford met in a September, 2010 and about four months after they are dating.

Seven Step Quick Bio of John Radford:

  1. John Radford is father of three children and husband of Carolyn Radford (Carolyn Still) CEO of Mansfield Town Football Club.
  2. John Radford was born at Mansfield, United Kingdom
  3. John Radford is a business owner and a founder of One Call Insurance.
  4. John Radford and Carolyn Radford met in September 2010, and got married in 2012.
  5. John Radford bought Mansfield at 2010.
  6. Stadium’s name changed by Radford from ‘Field Mill’ to the ‘One Call Stadium’ In April 2012.
  7. There are three children of john, Rupert Radford, Hugo Radford, Albert Radford.

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