Air Conditioned Shoes – For Refreshed & Moisture Free Feet

air conditioner footwear working diagram

With traditional shoes, people often suffer from smelly feet. Such people can switch to Air conditioned shoes to have dry and odor-free feet. This article includes a brief overview of air-conditioned boots and their uses.

Air-conditioned shoes were developed by the Hydro-Tech company in Japan. Hydro-Tech is a well-known shoe brand in Japan. Air conditioner shoes can be considered health and hygenic-oriented footwear. The air circulation or the ventilation is maintained with the help of air holes. People can use these air-conditioned boots for casual as well as business walking.

How Air Conditioned Shoes Works?

The Air conditioner shoes are working on the patented filter technology. It uses micro-fans to remove hot air from shoes and refill it with cool, fresh air. The air conditioning system maintains a comfortable temperature inside shoes and makes a person’s feets free of odor.

The main components of the Air-conditioned shoes are listed here.

  • Electronic temperature control unit.
  • Exhaust system
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Chargeable Battery

The first component of the air-conditioned shoes is the exhaust system. This system consists of 3 air pumps installed on the airflow insole of the cooling shoes. The function of this pump is to remove hot air and bad odor from the shoes and fill it with fresh air. The second component of the air conditioning unit is placed on the back part of the shoes. This air conditioning unit receives the energy from mechanical energy i.e. weight of the walking person.

Chargeable battery is located on the back side of the shoes that makes the energy conversion from mechanical energy into electrical energy. This battery fulfills the additional requirement of the energy required for the air conditioning unit. The battery can be charged via a portable battery charger as well as a plug-in battery charger. All the 3 components are controlled by the electronic temperature control unit that is placed outside of the Air-conditioned shoes.

In the cold season, the air conditioning unit of the cooling shoes is worked as the thermal pump and maintains the warm temperature inside the shoes. In the summer season, it maintains the cold temperature in the shoes and keeps feet dry.

Features Of Air-Conditioned Shoes

  • Water-proof
  • Anti slip
  • Breathability
  • Wide range of Designs
  • Shock Absorption
  • Light Weight

The Waterproof function is not configured in Hydrotech Ultralight Series and Hydrotech / Cool Breeze Refreshing Series.

Air conditioned boots are the best way to get rid of fishy smell feet. It also helps users to keep hygienic feet in all seasons. Interested people can order cooling shoes via online stores. Feel free connect us in case of any further queries.

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